Freelancer Study 2023

A closer look into the global freelancing market: Financials, demographics and more.


Freelancers are innovation drivers in the economy, playing a crucial role in facilitating the ongoing digital transformation and shaping the future of work. The growth of freelancing has been remarkable in recent years, reflecting its increasing significance in the labor market.

In this context, we are thrilled to present the findings of our latest analysis of the freelancing market, and we are proud to announce the release of the 7th edition of the Freelancer Study. From February 14 to May 7, we gathered insights from 3,504 freelancers across the globe. They shared their experiences as highly-skilled independent professionals by responding to over 70 questions about their financial situation and their overall freelancing journey. Additionally, the study delves into their perspectives on the future of freelancing and explores how the advent of AI technology impacts their businesses.

Enjoy the read and stay ahead of the evolving freelancing landscape!

Hourly rates vs. income satisfaction

Companies of all sizes work with freelancers to benefit from their specific expertise. It's not a surprise that experienced, highly-skilled freelancers are breaking records in terms of rates. In 2023, experts working in the consulting and management field are well-demanded and the top earners, followed by SAP professionals.

Still a gender pay gap

The pay gap between women and men freelancers still persists, with women earning less than their male counterparts. According to this year's report, the gender pay gap has decreased compared to the previous year (€11 compared to €16). Interestingly, 56% of female freelancers are planning to raise their rates this year.


Future's top technology trends

Certain technologies will play a crucial role in shaping the digital landscape. With 78% of freelancers attributing rising importance to it, Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes the lead and highlights its transformative potential across industries. Additionally, 65% of respondents see ensuring the security of our digital infrastructure as a top priority.

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